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The Dog Savvy training approach is now immediately available to you through our view-online training videos.  Many people are taught to think that when one acquires a new dog or pup that it is time to go to dog training classes. Unfortunately this is outdated and archaic thinking to believe a pup or dog needs a class to socialize or learn with other dogs/people. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The advantages to Dog Savvy online learning are:

  • Regardless of where you live, you now have access to the unique and effective Dog Savvy way of learning.
  • You and your dog can learn at a customized pace instead of being pushed too fast or go too slow in a class situation.
  • You can first learn in the security of your own home – where both you and your dog can be successful.
  • No more loud, stressful classes for you or your dog.
  • Information can be viewed over and over again.
  • Dog Savvy Online training is far more economical than training classes.
  • If you wish to truly bring your relationship with your dog to an entirely different level, Dog Savvy is the way to go.

True learning first starts in an environment that both members of the human/dog team can concentrate – at home! With Dog Savvy online videos, you can train your dog or pup away from over-stimulating or terrifying environments, setting it up so both you and your dog can succeed. As success is gained, the Dog Savvy online videos will show you how to start training your dog or pup in more distractive situations so you can gain a reliable response from your dog away from the comfort of your home environment. By approaching training this way – initially training in the quiet of your home and then continue to build the foundation in other environments – you will not only gain a dog that has self control and focus’s on you, but also you will have a willing partner in your relationship with your dog.

Dog Savvy on-line videos is not just about gathering any old dog training methods and putting it in a convenient how-to-train-your dog form. You are getting 30 plus years of dog training experience from Dog Savvy founder Anne Wolff Nichols. You will get to experience the type of training that few other trainers know of – the ultimate approach to bringing out the most potential in your dog or pup.

What about socialization?

Many people love the sound of on-line training with the Dog Savvy method, but they are concerned about “socialization” of their pup and believe that going to class is best for socialization. “Socialization” has become a big buzz word for the dog owning public. While exposing your pup to a variety of places, people and sounds have some importance, what really truly helps build confidence and create the foundation for a well adjusted dog is training a pup. Not any type of training of course – but Dog Savvy Training! Dog Savvy will teach your pup to think about what you are asking – not just follow a treat around –which is what your pup will learn in a puppy training class. It is this unique approach of teaching a pup to think and then to bring your pup into more public areas that will truly give your pup the foundation they need to succeed.

On line videos currently available:

Puppy Training: Lessons 1-4 The Basics

This is the way to start training your puppy! The unique and exceptional Dog Savvy approach will quickly teach you how to have a pup that exhibits self control, develops an open mind to learning, and actually teaches the pup to think – not just react. And it is never too early for a pup to start learning. Some pro-active breeders that are determined to give their pups and the future owners of their pups the absolute best start to life will actually start the training process with the Dog Savvy methods as early as 4 weeks of age!

Your pup will learn:
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Sit and down with Stay
  • Refocus after distraction
  • How to walk on a loose leash*
  • Come

*How to walk on a loose leash: While the majority of training approaches utilize heeling as a way to keep control, Dog Savvy teaches by a step by step system, for a pup to understand and walk on a loose leash regardless if they are at your side or not. This allows for true self control and building of a relationship instead of spending hours teaches mundane heeling and still not having a pup under control when they are not heeling.

In Puppy Training - Lessons 1-4, you will watch 2 puppies be trained in front of your eyes. Instead of simply watching a pups trained response, you will actually watch the pups be introduced to each exercise, their initial response and how to work through to success. Instead of being filmed in a “training” location – it was filmed in a home environment – as that is where you will be training your pup – at your home! Dog Savvy promotes real life training experiences and that is what you will get on Dog Savvy videos!

How to order:

Once you pay, you will instantly be able to view the online training. You may watch it as many times as you would like for 1 month.

Cost is only $19.95!

While the video is made to stand on its own, it is strongly recommended that you buy the corresponding workbook to help keep you on schedule. The workbook will walk you through each step, provide goals and checklists as you accomplish each section. If you buy the video and workbook at the same time – the costs is only $24.95. If you purchase them separately, they are $19.95 each.

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A Word of Interest

It is the belief of Dog Savvy founder - Anne Wolff Nichols - that puppies are usually not allowed to reach their full potential. Instead of coddling or saying “it is only a puppy”, Dog Savvy pushes the envelope and develops puppies’ minds very early. Most pet owners would be happy to have a pup do all of the above by 6 months or even 1 year of age. The dog Savvy method allows pups to excel early and puppies as young as 9 weeks can master the above skills easily. Learn how with on line puppy training!

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