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I have been involved in German Shepherd rescue for ten years and have had eight German Shepherds, all rescues. I always had great luck in terms of behavior. My dogs had some bad health problems, and maybe because of that they were all pretty mellow. But Trump and Timber were different. They were my first healthy GSDs, and they were a handful. Like my other dogs, these two are rescues. They were picked up as strays, so I don’t know their backgrounds, but they clearly had not been socialized. GSD rescue works hard to place dogs in foster homes, but when these two came in there was a lack of homes, so they were kenneled which only added to their socialization problems. By the time I adopted them they had been kenneled for a long time and were pretty beaten up mentally.


I fell in love with bullmastiffs while browsing a dog encyclopedia at a bookstore. I hadn’t had a puppy since I was a kid and my husband had never owned a dog. Neither of us had ever seen a bullmastiff, much less known anyone who owned one. We did a little reading online, went to a dog show, met a breeder with a litter, and a month later we brought home Pearl. Two years later, with a little more experience and forethought, we added Marley to the pack. My dream was to use both dogs for animal assisted therapy.


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