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Extensive Knowledge, Friendly Manner, Professional Attitude...

“Anne is one of the most dedicated dog trainers I have ever been associated with.  As a veterinarian who is holistically minded and also involved in competition obedience and showing, I have yet to find another person with such a diverse background.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Anne first hand in a dog trainer/veterinarian relationship.  She has even helped show me how to improve my relationship with my own dogs as well as problem solve training issues I was facing. All of the clients that I have referred to Anne are thrilled with her knowledge level, positive and innovative training methods, caring nature, and ability to teach.”

“The most unique part of my working relationship with Anne is her ability to determine if an undetected health issue could be interfering with a dogs training progress. For example, Anne felt that a 1 year old dog that came to her with severe fear issues had some underlying and undiagnosed health issues. With the owner’s full support, a blood chemistry panel was run that uncovered the beginnings of renal failure. With dietary changes and renal support in addition to changing the patterns of engrained fear behavior, the dogs fear was not only  reduced but her quality of life both physically and emotionally was greatly enhanced by Anne’s acute observations.”

“With so much to offer, I am sure anyone will greatly benefit from Anne’s extensive knowledge, friendly manner, and professional attitude.  It is difficult for me to recommend her highly enough”

Cynthia Geisler, DVM PS

Someone who can truly make a difference...
“I have always known Anne to be one of the most dedicated dog fancier, trainer, and optimal health-oriented animal owner.  She has a lot to offer the dog world as an astute observer and officianado of our canine companions. I feel she can contribute significantly to anyone concerned with training their dog for behavioral remediation, competitive obedience, or learn how the canine mind works. I recommend her highly as someone who can truly make a difference for both dog owners and dogs.”

Mark Darrach M.S.
Business Manager
Alternate Path Veterinary Services


Over 30 years of dog training experience – Veterinarian recommended
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