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Have you ever had a question or two about dogs that you wish you could get an experts opinion on? Or maybe your dog is having some behavior issues that you would love to have some advice about?

Whatever is it that you would like to know about dogs, Anne is here to help. Anne developed this service for anyone that seeks answers because of her frustration in the lack of having experts available to speak with in other fields. Generally speaking, “experts” do not make themselves available to the general public – but so many people need better guidance than what they are presently getting from others.

It doesn’t matter where you live, you can now benefit from more than 30 years of dog related experience. For years Anne has provided phone consultations to existing clients. Now, she’s offering this same personalized service to dog owners all over the world. Take advantage of Anne’s expertise and experience in any number of areas:

  • Selecting a puppy
  • Integrating a new puppy into your household
  • Puppy behavior and training
  • Adult dog behavior and training
  • Problem behaviors including shyness and aggression, house soiling
  • Choosing a rescue or shelter dog
  • Rescue/shelter dog behavior and training
  • Conformation and competition obedience training
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Health issues affecting behavior and training
  • Personalized tutoring with Dog Savvy online learning
Whether you have a problem with your dog or just want to take your training to a new level, bring some Dog Savvy to your partnership by phone consults!

Phone consultations are available by the hour for $40 (US) per each 30 minute segment.

Not sure of a phone consultation is what you need?
You are welcome to contact Anne by phone or email to ask if your situation can be helped via a phone consult.

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To purchase an appointment, click the link below and follow the prompts. Once advance payment is confirmed, you will receive an email to set up an appointment time.

For more information, check out Anne's background in dog training and behavior. Then read what others have said about their successes working with Anne.

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Over 30 years of dog training experience – Veterinarian recommended
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