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House Calls

If you live in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota area, Dog Savvy founder Anne Wolff Nichols will come to your home for consultations and training. Working in the privacy of your own home, Anne will teach you the foundation skills you need to eliminate unwanted behaviors and train positive ones. Anne brings 30 years of dog training experience and a personalized approach to each training situation. Her unique, fun, and reliable methods work for all types of dogs and owners.

Take advantage of Anne’s expertise and experience in any number of areas:

  • Selecting a puppy
  • Integrating a new puppy into your household
  • Puppy behavior and training
  • Adult dog behavior and training
  • Problem behaviors including shyness and aggression
  • Choosing a rescue or shelter dog
  • Rescue/shelter dog behavior and training
  • Conformation and competition obedience training
  • Nutritional consultation
  • Health issues affecting behavior and training
  • Personalized tutoring with Whole Dog training DVDs
Whether you have a problem with your dog or just want to take your training to a new level, bring some Dog Savvy to your partnership!

To schedule a personalized home appointment call 612-968-5209 or email info@becomedogsavvy.com

For more information on choosing a trainer read Finding the Right Dog Trainer. Then check out Anne's Background in dog training and behavior, and read what others have said.about their successes working with Anne.


Over 30 years of dog training experience Veterinarian recommended
awn@becomedogsavvy.com 612-968-5209