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Ebooks Currently Available
Dog Savvy: House and Crate Training
by Anne Wolff Nichols

30 pages, color photos,
downloadable pdf file

Dog Savvy: Puppy Training -
Lessons 1 through 4

By Anne Wolff Nichols

55 pages, color photos, downloadable pdf file
$19.95 if purchase separate from corresponding video
$24.95 if purchased with corresponding video

Description of Ebooks

Dog Savvy House and Crate Training

Start your puppy or newly adopted adult dog off right with house and crate training the Dog Savvy way. Developing a dog that is reliable in the house is the very basis of a positive relationship with your dog. Here is a quote from the book:

“To have a good relationship with your new pup or dog, she must be house-clean. That’s not to say that if your dog is house-clean you will automatically have a good relationship, but if your dog is not 100% house-clean your relationship will most definitely suffer. Training your pup or dog to be truly house-clean is very first step in building a great foundation with your companion.”

This easy guide will demonstrate the importance of both crate training and house training and walk you through the steps to success. It is a must have for every new puppy or dog owner.

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introduction, and Chapter 2

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Dog Savvy: Puppy Training - lessons 1 through 4

$19.95 or $24.95 if purchased with corresponding online video.

Although written to stand alone, this workbook is designed to enhance learning for the Dog Savvy puppy training online video. In four, easy to follow lessons you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of the unique Dog Savvy positive approach to training
  • How to use a marker system to develop a puppy that is reliable and steady
  • When and how to use treats so your puppy’s behavior is not treat dependant
  • How to teach even very young puppies the obedience basics that will last a life time
  • How to make training a joy for you and your puppy

By following this workbook, in just 18 days of training, you’ll teach your pup her name, sit and stay, down and stay, come when called, and focus her attention on you instead of the distractive environment. You’ll be amazed at what your puppy can do!

This ebook/workbook gives written instruction for each exercise, day by day training guidelines, goals, and a check list for each training day. It corresponds to the online video – puppy training lessons 1-4 and helps the owner to get the full benefit of Dog Savvy Training.

It is strongly suggested that both this ebook and the corresponding online puppy training video be purchased together to get the most out of the Dog Savvy training system. Click here for more information about the online video.

Click here for a free viewing of the table of contents,
preface, and lesson 1 checklist

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